Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Latest Scam eMail? PIs, I need urgent attention

From: chris []
Sent: 03 January 2011 15:41
Subject: PIs, I need urgent attention

PIs, I need urgent attention

I am reaching you with faith after covering your
information from reliable source on net. I desired to
solicit for your kind assistance to help me achieve my
good plan to transfer my money ($12.5 million US Dollars)
to your safe bank account which I inherited from my late parents and to come
to your country after transfer of the money for investment of my wish,which
I will highly need your full assistance.

I will like to establish a good relationship with your
person which I am desperately need your help to achieve
this efforts. I am the only son of my late father, Chief
Dr. Peter Bamina. He was a gold and precious stones
machant when he was alive.

He was poison to death by his brother because of land
dispute, and my late mother died last 3 mouths ago after suffered kidney
surgical operation here.

When she on hospital bed before her painful death, she
advised me to seek for foreign assistance who will help me
to receive this money and to leave Africa and help to put
this money into good investments with fear of God as I do
not have any good idea or knowledge to manage the big

I am Sierra Leonie National, I will be very happy if you
can be willing to help me to accomplish this plan as I
have decided to leave from Africa and come to your country
and resettle for this investment and my security and for
my better future and my security and also to further my education while you
will be managing the business on my behalf.

So please kindly indicate your interest while I will
appreciate to feed you with more information on your
request. I will like to offer you 20% of the money for
your kind assistance.

Anxiously waiting for your interesting reply.

Christopher Bamina

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