Sunday, 10 August 2014

Facebook Scams and Fake Profiles

This is a fake facebook profile... the pictures are NOT of 'Loveth Salazar' but of a lady called Lola Omotayo-Okoye who is the wife of P-Square's Peter Okoye - Photos STOLEN from the internet.
(I hope the original owner doesn't mind them appearing here)
This is the conversation started today....
The intention of whoever is behind the profile is to gather personal information and use it either for profit or to perpetrate another scam possibly via email.
This could be a lottery scam saying you are a winner (asking for a release fee). It could be a dating scam where the 'young lady' asks for cash for education or airline tickets to meet you!
These are the giveaway signs that it is a scam...
The picture looks very professional, is nearly always a head-shot, in this case easy to trace on google.
Very few other photos.
No cover photo
She has only 11 friends.
Why would she contact someone she's never met?
Poor English, using 'Dear' as an introduction - very common.
The email address suggests another person.
The use of '&' but no other abbreviations.
An immediate insistance to send an email address or use another means of contact (the profile will not be up for long, they don't want to lose contact with you!)
This report is not just about the profile shown here, it's intended as a general guide to spotting a fake facebook profile by highlighting unusual activity.
If this has happened to you or you would just like to warn others, please like and share this post, Thank You.

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