Wednesday, 5 January 2011

FW: please reply me if you would help us out ok.

From: Mrs. Homa Dorothy Parvaz []
Sent: 05 January 2011 19:31
Subject: please reply me if you would help us out ok.

Ahlan wa Sahlan.
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
I am an Iranian lady named Homa Dorothy Parvaz i live in Southern part of Iranian city called Shiraz, through the outcome of my last court hearing i attended which my late husbands family were accusing me of killing my late husband, and i was very desperate to reach out to you for this special help, and i know as a God fearing person you won't deny me your help. Moreso, i came across your email while searching for an ideal person who will help me and my daughter out in our difficult life here in Iran and while going through your reputable profile i decided to write you for you to use your expertise and help me to achieve this even if it is the last thing i do i will be glad wherever i found myself at the last of this court case with my late husband family which my late husband's brother is the arrow head
Therefore, i want to use this opportunity to narrate my ordeal to you, my late husband Aarif Mohamed Parvaz while was alive we were living happily and we married happily for 9yrs without any issue until in 2003 when it was obvious that my husband was sterile, doctor told us and he later admitted to me that he knew he was sterile and couldn't pregnant a woman, as a woman who loved his husband i stayed with him and consoled him and we prayed together to ALLAH for 3yrs to give us child but to no avail until in another mayhem in 2006 when my husband and i decided to have our own baby no matter what it will cost us and he told me to get a man of my choice who will pregnant me and after the pregnancy we will settle him off because my husband was very wealthy, he dealt in many Iranian drilling oil companies, and after our decision i contracted an Omani named Moodi Hamed who was working in the same company with me not knowing that he is the worst mistake i have ever made in my life, and after i got pregnant my husba
Therefore, my ordeal started in January last year when Moodi Hamed came to me in my office and told me he wants to see his daughter and i begged him to leave us alone and request for whatever he want and my husband is capable of giving him anything he want, and he insisted on seeing Arwa whom he always call his daughter and when my husband came back i told him and he became furious and told me that if he see Moodi here again he will kill him and one week later Moodi came back after our prayer on Friday evening and met my husband and my husband became very upset and asked him what he want if it is money he is ready to give him any amount he requested and he insisted on taking our only daughter and it was through this emotional period that my husband was traveling in Iraq on his regular business trip and was hit on roadside bomb with his three co-workers along the rugged border region near Iraqi Kurdistan and died in the incidence. Having known this, my late husband's only brother file a case against me and he
Therefore, i have lost hope for winning this case due to the kind of justice system we have here in Iran, i am looking out that someday my fellow humans will take me to a prison grave yard and tie my 2 hands and legs and burry me from my 2 legs to the heart region then crushed my foreheads with heavy stones until i struggled with my remaining life and die away from my daughter in this earth, after sleepless night thinking how i will die away from my daughter in this earth, recently i intended to escape into our neighbouring Yemen with my daughter Arwa so that I will seek for an European visa for us to travel there and start a new life either in Germany or London, not knowing that my husbands brother has alerted all security agencies and they are monitoring all my activities both my phone calls, and my daughter and i were denied entry in Yemen and in the next minute i was arrested citing my pending case in the court and was taken back to Shiraz and was initially putting in Prison but my lawyer intervend and a
Would you be of interested kindly contact me as soon as possible for more express information in further details.
Maa salama.
Mrs. Homa Dorothy Parvaz.

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