Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's a Fake and contains malicious code - FW: Corporate eFax message from +44 20 4272-5400 - 5 pages

Just got this one in... it had an attachment called eFax322767887D.zip which contains an executable file, either a virus or a phishing scam.
eFax Corporate 

You have received 5 pages fax at Tue, 17 Dec 2013 07:39:00 -0200.
*The reference number for this fax is efax_corp-322767887D.

Check the attached file for more information.

Please visit www.efaxcorporate.com/corp/twa/page/customerSupport if you have any questions regarding this message or your service.

You may also e-mail our corporate support department at corporatesupport@mail.efax.com.

Thank you for using the eFax Corporate service!

(c) 2013 j2 Global, Inc. All rights reserved.
eFax Corporate is a registered trademark of j2 Global, Inc. 

-----Original Message-----
From: eFax Corporate [mailto:noreply@efax.com]
Sent: 17 December 2013 09:39
To:  **** 
Subject: Corporate eFax message from +44 20 4272-5400 - 5 pages

Latest Scam eMails brought to you by MarketUK - Free Classifieds


Beware - Virus warning - FW: HMRC: Important Information for Employers

This is NOT a scam email, it is a Virus transporter.... if you get this in your email, DO NOT open any attachments that arrive with it, it is NOT from HMRC
Employer Bulletin Issue 45 out now

The latest version of the Employer Bulletin issue 45 has just been published.
This edition contains the latest information about filing your PAYE information in real time.

To find out more open the attached document(s)

Your next employer email alert is scheduled for February 2014

*** Please do not respond to this email

If you have any concerns regarding the validity of this or any emails received from HMRC go to our Online Security pages for more information by using the web address below.

-----Original Message-----
From: HMRC Employer Alerts [mailto:employers@alerts.hmrc.gov.uk]
Sent: 17 December 2013 15:08
To: *****
Subject: HMRC: Important Information for Employers



The only Purpose is to SCAM!!! - FW: My purpose of contacting you

Oh, and there was no attached message, ho hum!!
From the Desk of Mr. Edward Kong
Vice President & Branch Manager:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (USA) NA
Flushing Branch
39-02 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11354, USA
Dear friend,
I am Mr. Edward Kong, the Vice President and Branch Manager of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (USA), Flushing Branch Flushing New York, USA. I write to seek your consent to carry out a transaction that would be highly beneficial to both of us. I know you may be wondering why I am contacting you for this despite all the friends and relations that I have but I decided to do this with an unknown person to avoid any form of blackmail in the future.  Mr. Alvin Peter Kappelmann Jr was an account holder with my bank. I have been his account officer for 9 years before his death. He died during the World Trade Centre bombing in September 11 2001. KINDLY OPEN THE ATTACHED MESSAGE. 
-----Original Message-----
From: Mr. Edward Kong [mailto:edwardkong24@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 16 December 2013 00:13
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: My purpose of contacting you


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Is this the worst scam attempt we've seen?.... Possibly! - FW: Notification

They want yu to contact them for 'more informations' - Guess they've been lolcats!! They've even tried adding a virus scan message!

The sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars USD has been deposited here in WESTERN UNION OFFICE by the United Nations Organization.Kindly contact us for more informations.

Contact Email: wumtdept@itbox.ro

Mr.Jack Brown
Customer Service
Western Union Office®

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

-----Original Message-----
From: ""Western Union Office®" <secdf@jfrs.gov.br>"@email.jfrs.gov.br [mailto:"=?utf-8?b?Ildlc3Rlcm4gVW5pb24gT2ZmaWNlwq4iIDxzZWNkZkBqZnJzLmdvdi5icj4=?="@email.jfrs.gov.br]
Sent: 14 December 2013 15:58
To: Recipients
Subject: Notification


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lots of facebook scams about, they're all similar and ALL scams.

This one is typical of dozens we are seeing today... sent to facebook users



A Copy of Our PRODUCT AWARD NOTIFICATION LETTER is Attached for your Immediate Perusal and to Congratulate you on emerging the Second (2rd) prize winner in our Facebook Users and Customers award for 2013 .You are advised to contact the Facebook Payment Consultant immediately. Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of Facebook Social Networking United Kingdom.

Steve Hatch

Facebook Regional Director U.K

©Facebook 2013

Friday, 13 December 2013

NOT From T-Mobile - FW: T-Mobile MMS Service

This one contains a zip file called 'T-Mobile_voice_890D14E2CDA71148B15.zip' - In the zip file is an executable file, not the message you're supposed to get. It may be a virus or a phishin scam but we weren't prepared to find out which - AVOID it!
The original email is very short and sweet -
This e-mail contains a voice message.
Download and listen to message in attached file.

Passcode: D04B1911F9B8 


-----Original Message-----
From: T-Mobile [mailto:mdsx978a0@portamonkey.com]
Sent: 13 December 2013 14:42
To: ************
Subject: T-Mobile MMS Service



NOT from British Airways - FW: Your flight ticket number: #06E48DC938

This email is NOT from British Airways and comes with an attachment - DON'T open it!!
WARNING: An attachment has been removed by the ClamWin AntiVirus Scanner because it appears to contain a virus.


Dear  **** 

Your flight ticket number: #06E48DC938 is not activated yet!

In order to activate the ticket (confirming your identity) please download the attachment and follow the instructions.

Please print the confirmation and present it at the check-in point at the airport.



British Airways Plc, Waterside, PO Box 365,
UB7 0GB.

Registered in England: 1777777. VAT number: 222452988. Member of IATA & AEA.


 -----Original Message-----
From: British Airways Online [mailto:no-reply@britishairways.com]
Sent: 13 December 2013 12:26
To:  **** 
Subject: Your flight ticket number: #06E48DC938


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Not from FedEx - FW: Shipping Confirmation

This is a phishing scam and does not lead to a FedEx site 


Dear  (email removed)   

We have a package for you!
Unfortunately some important information is missing to complete the delivery.
Please follow the link to verify your identity:

verify your identity now!

You have 24 hours to compleate the verification! Otherwise the package will be returned to sender!

Order confirmation number: 0353839735

Order date: 03/12/2013

Thank you for choosing FedEx.


This message has been sent by an auto responder system. Please do not reply to this message.

The content of this message is protected by copyright and trademark laws under U.S. and international law.
Review our privacy policy. All rights reserved.


 -----Original Message-----
From: Fedex [mailto:noreply@fedex.com]
Sent: 11 December 2013 06:56
To:  ****************************** 
Subject: Shipping Confirmation 




Be Carefu;!! FW: Someone you?re acquainted with has just sent you a photo

This is NOT from WhatsApp and the original attachment contained a virus!! 


Someone you know has just sent you a photograph in WhatsApp. Open attachments to see what it is.
? 2013 WhatsApp Inc

-----Original Message-----
From: WhatsApp [mailto:{messages@whatsapp.com}]
Sent: 11 December 2013 13:16
To: ***********************
Subject: Someone you?re acquainted with has just sent you a photo

IMG003299.zip: Trojan horse Generic_s.CKU
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com
Version: 2013.0.3462 / Virus Database: 3658/6909 - Release Date: 12/10/13

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

NOT from Mastercard - FW: Important notification for a Mastercard holder

Comes with an attachent similar to yesterday's Royal Mail post... this one's called MasterCard_EE4046DC31.zip - DO NOT OPEN



Important notification for a Mastercard holder!

Your Bank debit card has been temporarily blocked

We've detected unusual activity on your Bank debit card . Your UK Bank debit card has been temporarily blocked, please fill document in attachment and contact us

About MasterCard Global Privacy Policy Copyright Terms of Use

 © 1994-2013 MasterCard

-----Original Message-----
From: MasterCard [mailto:qfirmgmj@telepac.pt]
Sent: 03 December 2013 13:12
To: mark
Subject: Important notification for a Mastercard holder 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Virus Warning - FW: Mail - Lost / Missing package

Not from Royal Mail - Attachment is a zip file called 'Royal-Mail_0BFC68313B.zip' with an exe file in it! Don't open it.

Please share and help others.

 Royal Mail

Mail - Lost / Missing package - UK Customs and Border Protection

Royal Mail has detained your package for some reason (for example, lack of a proper invoice, bill of sale, or other documentation, a possible trademark violation, or if the package requires a formal entry) the RM International Mail Branch holding it will notify you of the reason for detention (in writing) and how you can get it released.

Please fulfil the documents attached.

Home | A-Z of Services | Help & support | Business help & support | Contact us | Mailing tools | Jobs

----Original Message-----
From: Royal Mail Group [mailto:taqxxmiamr@jazztel.es]
Sent: 02 December 2013 15:29
To: mark
Subject: Mail - Lost / Missing package


Thursday, 28 November 2013

NOT From NatWest - FW: Account On Hold

Typical phishing scam ....

Dear  (email address removed) 

Your password was entered incorrectly more than 5 times.

Because of that , our security team had to suspend your accounts and all the funds inside.
Your account access and the hold on your funds will be released as soon as you verify your information.

Review Your Account Activity

We are sorry for this inconvenience but this is a security measure which we must apply to ensure your account safety.
If you have already confirmed your information then please disregard this message

Thanks for choosing NatWest UK
NatWest Security Team
Copyright © 1999 - 2013 NatWest PLC. All rights reserved.

No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com
Version: 2013.0.3426 / Virus Database: 3629/6871 - Release Date: 11/27/13 
-----Original Message-----
From: NatWest [mailto:simplep@server.simplepay4u.com]
Sent: 27 November 2013 15:36
To: email address removed
Subject: Account On Hold


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NOT From Amazon - Please share

FW: Your Amazon.co.uk order #261-5508270-8013475
We have had three of these today, two came with a little executable inside a zip file called "Order Details.zip". It does not appear to be a virus but is almost guaranteed to compromise your computer somehow or send you to a fake Amazon site to get you to enter your details (phishing). We weren't prepared to find out and neither should you.
Tips on spotting a fake.......
If you look at the three email addresses below you will see that they are not from Amazon
The email does not contain a recipient's name - A good test from Amazon, eBay and PayPal - they always email using your name as it appears on their system, never 'Dear Customer' or in this case 'Good Afternoon'.
If you are suspicious, open a new browser window, type in the name of the site you're not sure about (don't copy and paste), make sure it's on a secure page (https://etc.... or with a Padlock symbol)  Log into your account and look in 'Messages'. If these sites are genuinely messaging you, there will be some reference to that fact in your online account.
Please Please Please Share these posts on facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or any other social networking sites, the more people that can spot these fakes, the better. Help stop the Scam emails.
AMAZON.CO.UK [determinismpk22@WellsFargo.com.postfix.livenirvana.com]
AMAZON.CO.UK [pioneerui11@WellsFargo.com.postfix.casesmaker.ru]
AMAZON.CO.UK [mailto:waylayz@WellsFargo.com.postfix.heattreatmentchina.ru]
The Original email..........

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your order. We’ll let you know once your item(s) have dispatched.You can view the status of your order or make changes to it by visiting Your Orders on Amazon.co.uk.

Order Details

Order #402-1818021-8651670 Placed on November 1, 2013

Order details and invoice in attached file.

Need to make changes to your order? Visit our Help page for more information and video guides.

We hope to see you again soon. Amazon.co.uk


Order Details

Order #402-1818021-8651670 Placed on November 1, 2013

Order details and invoice in attached file.

Need to make changes to your order? Visit our Help page for more information and video guides.

We hope to see you again soon. Amazon.co.uk

-----Original Message-----
From: AMAZON.CO.UK [mailto:waylayz@WellsFargo.com.postfix.heattreatmentchina.ru]
Sent: 12 November 2013 09:18
Cc: *************************
Subject: Your Amazon.co.uk order #261-5508270-8013475


Monday, 11 November 2013

Please share this SCAM - FW: PLEASE GET BACK SOON

Adding pictures to spam seems to be happening more often these days... here is a good example just in.
Note the quality of the portrait against the poor quality of the underlying scanned ID card. If youre goig to fake ID, at least get it done 'Professionally'... Oh and don't put another of your own email addresses in the 'To' field either, it's not cool!

How are you doing? Please do not be embarrassed about my unsolicited e-mail to you. I am in  need of your assistance, My name is Nicholas Hamilton,a West Point Graduate and a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army currently serving at the Engineering Unit of US Military here in Ba’qubah in Iraq; we have about $10.7 Million that we want to move out of the country. This money was found in two boxes some time ago during our routine raid around the base by me and Sgt David Scot. I need a good partner, someone I can trust to receive the funds on my behalf. You have nothing to be afraid of as the money is not illegal and I have a good worked out plans to get it to you. The most important thing is; “Can I Trust you”? Once the funds get to you, simply take out 20% as your share and keep the remaining 80% for me and my partner. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to, ours is  sending it to you safely.

If you are interested I will furnish you with more details upon receipt of your response and contact details. But I can assure you the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times. I look forward to your reply and co-operation.I have kept this money for so long but right now that President Barrack Obama is serious about moving us (the last  troop) out December 2013.I need to get this cash out ASAP.

I have attached my official military ID card for you to know me in person.

Lt. Nicholas Hamilton
-----Original Message-----From: LT. NICHOLAS HAMILTON [mailto:nicholasnichola@yahoo.com]
Sent: 11 November 2013 16:16
To: nicholashamiltonn@aol.com


She looks pretty!... FW: Vodafone MMS Service

And comes with her own Virus!! - a file called Marcella_photo_album_362.zip - DON'T open it

How is it going? I'm Marcella! i look for a second half.
I enjoy travelling and drawing! Look at my photos in attached file.
Answer me! Bye!

Mobile: +447*********
Passcode: 5019E123F8BC 
-----Original Message-----
From: Marcella [mailto:Marcella004@host-89-242-101-217.as13285.net]
Sent: 11 November 2013 07:59
To: ************
Subject: Vodafone MMS Service



Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another Nigerian Scam - FW: CHANGE OF BENEFICIARY

And it even says it's from Nigeria.... not very bright some of these scammers !!!


Attention: Sir,


This is very urgent and an urgent attention is needed.

In our office today, was a present of One Mr. John T. Kehoe of 1200
Fitch Way, Sacramento, Ca. 95864 filing application contrary to your
pending fund transfer. The above mentioned people visited this Bank
yesterday with a power of attorney given in his favor by your good self,
granting him the benefit to process and claim your inheritance of
$5,000,000.00(Five Million United States Dollars Only) for personal

He further Stated that the online account be Terminated while the fund 
should be wired to his Bank account with Bank Of America, Routing 
Number 121000358.Our office have ask Mr. John T. Kehoe return back to 
the Bank within 48hours to enable us have a personal confirmation from 
you being hitherto the beneficiary.

1. Did you instruct one Mr. John T. Kehoe of 1200 Fitch Way,
Sacramento, Ca. 95864,to claim and receive the payment on your behalf? 2. Did you sign any 'Deed of Assignment' in his favor thereby making
him the current beneficiary?

We are sorry to have delayed your instruction in giving out this fund
since we must adhere to the procedures of this honorable bank by making
sure this request is verified and confirmed by the beneficiary and his
existing attorney.

Your confirmation to the above will be appreciated. We look forward to
hearing from you soon via this email (barclaysbnknng@yahoo.co.jp)

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Fred Wilson
Head of Operations.
Barclays Bank Plc
Tel: +234 80 2757 0226
-----Original Message-----
Sent: 06 November 2013 21:14
To: undisclosed-recipients:


Safe.... but still a scam! FW: FROM FEDERAL RESERVE BANK N.Y

All this email contains is a file called 'VIEW.txt' and the following ONE line... 
View  the Attachment 
 -----Original Message-----
From: B Bernanke [mailto:hjsfhdsjs@hotmail.com]
Sent: 10 October 2013 02:01
To: undisclosed-recipients:

The text file 'VIEW.txt' is a safe file in that it does not contain malware, a virus or any other form of executable data.... it's just a basic phishing scam.
The contents of the file:-
33, Liberty Street, New York, NY 10038 USA.
Attention Beneficiary:
This is to inform you that we have on the 9th day of October,2013 received a payment credit instruction from the Central Bank Of Nigeria to credit your account with your full Inheritance fund of US$10.5Million.
However, you shall required to provide the followings datas below:
Full Name:
Bank Name:
Account No.:
Routing No.:
Swift Code:
Account Name:
Please do provide the above information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liability of funds credited into a ghost account.
Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank New York while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.

Thanks and God bless you.
Yours in Service,

Mr.Ben Shalom Bernanke
Chairman Federal Reserve Board  New York

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Investment scam - FW: PROFITABLE INVESTMENT PROPOSAL...11/02/2013

Another twist on the 'phishing' scam......


Good day to you and your family, I got your email contact from Key2net email directory during my random internet search while looking for a reliable and trustworthy foreigner for assistance.I apologize if the content here under are contrary to your moral ethics but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal.My name is Engr. Dr. Ahmad Mualla from Damascus Syria. I am now 66 years Old, and i am now a retired government officials I was former personal investor & financial consultant advisers to some Top Politician in Syria, also an oil Tycoon from Syria and Saudi Arabia. Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) the leader in the region in Reservoir Management AFPC was established under Service Contract no. 210 ratified by Law no. 43 of 1977 and named as per decree-law no.12 in 1985.

AFPC is a joint venture company between the General Petroleum Corporation (50%) and private shareholders Syria Shell Petroleum Development (SSPD) etc I have plan to relocate my investment planning to your beautiful country, out of Syria, Now that Syria security and our Economic independent has been lost to the greatest lower level, and our culture has been lost forever and our happiness has been taking away from us, i will like to relocate my family out from Syria, here in my country there is fire on the mountain, i need a foreign partner to enable me transport my investment capital and then relocate with my family, honestly, i wish you and i will discuss more and get along, i need a partner because i don't have any bank account outside Syria.Am interested in buying properties houses, Building real estate and some tourist places,I will appreciate your idea and knowledge regarding this or any other profitable investment you may suggest, on my next email i will explain to you !  the full details of this investmen

I shall tell you more about myself and my family on my next email, upon your respond, you may as well tell me little more about yourself.Kindly reply to my private email address at: engrahmadmualla@gmail.com

I'm waiting for your good responds.


Engr.Dr.Ahmad Mualla
Damascus Syria.

-----Original Message-----
From: Engr.Dr.Ahmad Mualla [
Sent: 02 November 2013 10:25
To: undisclosed-recipients:



Saturday, 26 October 2013


With a Japanese email address!!

Bank of England
Thread needle Street
London EC2R 8AH
Tel. / Tel. / Fax: 44 7045 722 174
Fax: +44705722174 EX 832


We apologies for the delay of your payment and all the inconvenience that we might have indulge you through.However we are having minor problems with our payment system ,which is inexplicable and has held us stranded and indolent,not having the aspiration to devote our 100% assiduity in accrediting foreign contract payments.We apologies once again from the records of outstanding contractors due for payments with the British government,your name was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding contractors who have not yet received their payments.

This payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.Also note that from my record in my file your  standing contract payment is $10,500,000.00 (ten million five hundred thousand united states dollars)Kindly RE-CONFIRM TO ME THE FOLLOWINGS (A)YOUR FULL NAME (B)TELEPHONE /FAX#(C)YOUR FULL BANKING DETAILS FOR IMMEDIATE TRANSFER (D)HOME ADDRESS.

As soon as this information is received your payment will be wired to yournominated bank account directly from BANK OF ENGLAND or our affliacted Bank in China which will be authorize by this BANK OF ENGLAND UK.Thanks for your understanding hope to have your response shortly.I am looking forward for your urgent reply on this Email:bankofengland5454@yahoo.co.jp

Yours faithfully,

Control Officer, Foreign Payment Dept
Bank of England
Tel. / Tel. / Fax: 44 7045 722 174
Fax: +44705722174 EX 832


-----Original Message-----
Sent: 26 October 2013 08:04
To: bankofengland5454@yahoo.co.jp




Friday, 25 October 2013

Scam!! FW: From Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York.

Please Share and Shame - Just the usual - "Can we have ALL your personal details please.....?":) NO!


Attn: Beneficiary,

We have this 25th day of Oct. 2013 received a payment credit instruction from the Federal Government of Nigeria to credit your account with your full Inheritance fund of USD 10.5 Million Dollars from the Nigerian reserve account with our bank,Federal Reserve Bank.

However, you shall required to provide the followings datas below:

{1}. Your Full Name and Address.: 
{2}. Your Confidential Tel, Cell and Fax.
{3). Your Bank name and address.: 
{4). Your A/c Name and A/c Numbers.:  
(5). Your Swift Code / Routing Numbers.:
(6). Your Current Occupation And Your Working ID.

Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.

Mr.Ben S. Bernanke
Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: 25 October 2013 11:06
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: From Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York.


Monday, 21 October 2013


That's not how you spell 'INFORMATION' either!! At least if you're going to rip someone off do it with a bit of style!!

Dear Sir,

I am Barrister Mohammed Issa, a legal attorney to Gamal Al Din Mohammed Hosni Sayed Mubarak the second son to President of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, I need to know if I can entrust you with a matter of great importance that will be of mutual benefits to both of us.

kindly do get back to me as soon as possible because I do not want loose all that I have saved some where safe before the government confiscate everything as the are already planning to do.I will appreciate a response from you regarding my mail to you along with your information. for response email back to my private box at issa_mohamed1@yahoo.com.hk

Best Regards

Barrister Mohammed Issa

-----Original Message-----
From: Mohammed Issa [
Sent: 15 October 2013 21:46
To: undisclosed-recipients:



Sunday, 13 October 2013

Another inheritance scam - FW: Notification of Your Unpaid Inheritance Fund.


The World Bank
Office of the Executive Director (EDS01)
1818 H Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20433 U.S.A.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Sara Margalit Aviel, a World Bank Executive Director. I am pleased to inform you that your overdue Inheritance payment of US$10.5 Million Dollars has been approved and arranged to be release to you through a PREPAID VISA CREDIT CARD. We have mandated Keystone Bank Plc, London to issue you this PREPAID VISA CREDIT CARD which you would use to withdraw your overdue Inheritance fund of US$10.5 Million Dollars from any ATM machine in your country and in any part of the world since the card is inter-switch and powered by Visa.
This method of payment is designed by the World Bank to avert fraud perpetration or stoppage of fund by Some Agencies. This method of payment is also the best and most convenience way for you to receive your overdue Inheritance Fund without disclosing your bank details to anybody.
You are strongly advised to contact the Product & Retail of Keystone Bank Plc, London (Mr. Jefferson Moore) on his open access email: message@fastwebmail.it and send him this payment approval number WB108492226 to enable him issue you this PREPAID VISA CREDIT CARD as soon as possible.
Thanks for adhering to this instruction.
Yours faithfully,
Sara Margalit Aviel
World Bank Executive Director 

 ----Original Message-----
From: The World Bank [mailto:message@worldbank.org]
Sent: 25 August 2013 07:29
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Notification of Your Unpaid Inheritance Fund.



But still a scam!

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Funds Investment and Management Placement of $20 Million.

We solicit for a private investor who wants to invest his financial estate in long-term business venture in your country/company under your supervision.

You will be required to;
[1]. Receive the funds.
[2]. Invest and Manage the funds profitably.

My client is willing to negotiate Management sharing percentage after your acceptance. We expect to hear from you urgently as this is a high priority Investment Placement and kindly send your telephone number to enhance communication via email:

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely Yours,

Ali Bamanga Esq.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ali Bamanga [
Sent: 12 October 2013 13:10
To: undisclosed-recipients:


Monday, 7 October 2013

Please read - it's a scam! FW: E.U.A.U.D Director.

Just another basic phishing rip-off scam.... Don't get caught out, this type of email is ALWAYS a scam.



The Council of European Union Parliament (E.U) In conjunction with The United Nations Agricultural Development Program (U.N.A.D.P) have just concluded the General Meeting of today in which good discursion and progress was made to reward Agricultural Farm Development, Investors, Industrialists and Traders In Africa, Europe , And Asia Countries.
The meeting lasted for three (3) hours because all the officials from various Regional Committees of the E.U and United Nations Agricultural Development Program (U.N.A.D.P) were present, The delegates from London, United Kingdom were in the meeting, the officials of IMF World Auditors (including Mrs. Margaret Powell and Alvin T Clyde) arrived in good time before commencement of the meeting. Also present in the crucial meeting of today were Mr. Gabriel Alanson and Kenneth Irwin Dickson from Commonwealth Financial Office. The meeting started in a good time and all the invited officials plus the top executives of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) joined at the Conference Room and the meeting commenced in earnest.
This resolution was reached based on so many complaints tabled at the Head Quarters of the United Nation Office in Washington D.C in regards on how to help Farmers, Investors, Industrialist and Traders to come back on tract after the World Economic Crisis to foster Financial Development across the globe.

This reward is to help you restructure, boost and improve you financially in your activities.
The Approved FILE bearing your full name was presented for deliberation and The Executive Financial Auditors have unanimously resolved to include your full-name amongst the favored beneficiaries who will benefit from the amount earmarked for the Agricultural Development Program (A.D.P)
The remittance officials must as a matter or necessity proceed to effect the transfer of the authenticated/approved amount of US$8m (Eighth Million United State Dollars) Only, to you.
During the meeting of today, the Council of E.U  and  U.N.A.D.P Parliament resolved that all favored beneficiaries must quickly send application to the Director of AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME: (A.D.P) Mr. Emil Jacobs on this email: mremiljacobs1@yahoo.co.jp and Telephone number: +44 741 847 8203 requesting for Accelerated Remittance of your approved benefit of  US$8m (Eighth Million United State Dollars).

You are advised to send us the following information. 



You are further required to call his Office Telephone number: +44 741 847 8203 for further clarifications.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Emil Jacobs
E.U.A.U.D Director.
email: mremiljacobs1@yahoo.co.jp


-----Original Message-----
From: Mr. Emil Jacobs [mailto:jane@mail.fortek.com.tw]
Sent: 04 October 2013 13:52
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: E.U.A.U.D Director.



Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Oh Dear, I've broken the law!! - FW: F.B.I-FINAL REMINDER NOTICE

But I don't care, it's actually a scam, sorry........ 

This e-mail, including any attachments, is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 10 U.S.C. 2510-2521
Ref: FBI/DC/25/113/13/2013
  Your attention is needed immediately
  We have been informed through our global intelligence monitoring network that the sum of $10.500, 000.00, has been released from a bank in Africa bearing your name as the beneficiary without dist certificate to clear your name and fund from every terrorist or drug or money laundering activities
We sincerely apologize for sending you this sensitive information via e-mail instead of a certified mail, phone call or a  face-to-face conversation,We will also send you a certified email later it is due to the urgency and importance of the security information needed. To checkmate financial recklessness, illegal gambling, racketeering and considering the effect of the global financial crisis rocking the United States, our government with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) Washington, DC and the internet crime complaint center (ic3),alongside the CIA  signed an agreement with U.K  police for an immediate release of all overdue funds presently logged in their treasury and to ensure it is disbursed to the rightful beneficiaries in all parts of the world. If you the beneficiary would adhere to our instruction it will help you receive your payment  immediately
The bank knowing fully well that they do not have enough facilities to make this payment from any part of the world to your account directly, used what we know as a secret diplomatic transit payment (s.d.t.p) method to make the payment. direct transfers are difficult and secret diplomatic transit payment (s.d.t.p) are not  usually made unless the funds are  related to terrorist activities and we ask why must your payment be made in  a secret transfer if your transaction  is legitimate.
We do not want you to get into trouble as soon as these funds reflect in your personal account, so it is our duty as an international agency to correct these little problems before this fund reflects into your personal account.
we advise you to contact us immediately, as your funds have been stopped and are being held in our custody, until you are able to provide us with the dist certificate within 3 days from the country that authorized the transfer to certify that the funds that you are about to receive are terrorist/drug free or we shall have cause to impound the payment and subsequently prosecute you for cross border terrorist financial activites.
based on our findings, our investigative department wish to warn you against some miscreants, hoodlums and touts who go about scamming innocent people by claiming to be who they are not and thereby tarnishing the image of this wonderful country. By sending out fraudulent emails without our official logo and emblem we shall release your funds immediately we receive this legal document and we will ensure that you receive your payment without any further delay.
We decided to contact you directly by email to acquire the proper verifications and proof from you to show that you are the rightful person to receive this fund, because of the huge amount involved. Be informed that the funds are now with a top bank in the united state in your name and under the monitoring/custody of the FBI. At the moment, we have asked the bank not to release the fund to anybody that comes to them, unless we instruct them to do so, and only if we receive the dist certificate this is to enable us carry out a comprehensive investigation first before releasing the fund to you.
hence, you are to forward your  dist certificate to us immediately if you have it in your possession, if you do not have it, then  let us know so that we will direct you  to the  appropriate  authority to  obtain the certificate then you are to send  it to our office. And thereafter, we will instruct the bank holding the funds, to go ahead and credit your account immediately. If you fail to provide the documents to this office, we will prosecute you and take appropriate action against you for not proving the legality of the funds.
Finally if you truly want to receive this funds without F.B.I troubles then reconfirm the following below
Contact number………………………………………..
Country of origin of funds……………………………..
Yours Faithfully
SPECIAL AGENT (admin division)
Colleen M. Conyngham
cc: general intelligence department (GID)
cc federal bureau of investigation (fFBIi)
cc .internet crime complaint center (ic3)
cc: Asia pacific group on money laundering (APG)
cc: international monetary fund (IMF)
cc: international organization of securities commissions (IOSCO)
cc: international banking security association (IBSA)
cc: world customs organization (WCO)
cc: inter-American development bank (IADB)
cc: national white collar crime center (NW3C)
cc: bureau of justice assistance (BJA)
cc: supreme court of South Africa(SCA)
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