Thursday, 24 September 2015


There is nothing to say......


 How are you today?

 I am Mrs. Michelle Obama and I am written to inform you about your Bank Cheque Draft brought by the United Embassy from the government of Benin Republic in the white house Washington DC which contains the sum of $22.000.000 millions us dollars credited from the bank of America, the delivery of your funds has been mandated to be deliver to your address on friday being 25th of august 2015 to you as soon as you get back to me with your home address and your cell phone number.

 Bear in mind that I have taking my time to be in charge of your funds as instructed by my husband to ensure that you received your funds successfully from the white house to reduce the economy and I’m the only one that has your funds in regard to my husband Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II and you will have to pay the sum of $550.00 only before your Bank Cheque Draft will deliver to you on Friday, the reason why the fee is required is to have your funds clearance paper from the origin of the funds to avoid any harassment from the authority and you are also expecting to be announce as winner of the said amount by Friday as soon as your fund is delivered to you.

 So you are urgent advised to get back to me with your home address and also the payment information today for immediate effect of your delivery. Note that the $550 is the only fee and final payment you have my assurance.

 However, according to our agreement with the originated Benin Republic, all our communications should be on email for record purpose so follow my instruction accordingly, even if you don’t have the $550 try to borrow it and send it immediately because this is your life opportunity and I don’t want you to lose the chance any more.

 Please I will advice you to urgent make the payment this morning via western union or money gram money transfer to the listed cashier information as instructed you by the originated authority. I will look forward to received your email today with the payment to enable the origin secure the required clearance papers required at White House Benin to deliver your funds. Note that it will take only 14hrs to deliver your Bank Cheque Draft in receipt of the $550 payment.

 Please find the payment data below to send the $550via western union or money gram.

 Receiver Name: UCHE RAPH

 Country Benin Republic

 City Cotonou

 Question: Urgent

 Answer: Needed

 Amount: $550.00

 MTCN reference number............

 Sender Name...........

 Sender's Telephone……

 Sender's Address........

 I look forward to your respond to your email with the payment today.


 Mrs. Michelle Obama

 The White House

 (Official Residence of the President of the US)

 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

 Washington DC 20500 USA

-----Original Message-----
From: Mrs. Michelle Obama []
Sent: 24 September 2015 00:31

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

This is a SCAM! - Congratulations Dear Email Beneficiary!!

Another lottery scam, Yahooo this time....

Dear Email Address Beneficiary!!

Yahoo wishes to inform you that your email was luckily grouped among the
winners of our on going 2015 edition of YAHOO ASIA international lottery
promotion program. For further more information on this lucky winning
announcement, You are advised to click on our website lottery promotion link
given below and go through further information and direction on how to
redeem your cash prize.

You should keeps in noticed that a prize that has been won on this occassion
is USD 1,000,000.00 ( One Million United States Dollars cash prize ).

We fully congratulates you on this great success.

Yours Sincerely,
Yahoo Team
Asia Pacific Regional
Bangkok Thailand.

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

An old scam still doing the rounds... FW: FYI

It's a scam.......

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you for a business transfer of a huge sum of money from a
deceased account. Though know that a transaction of this magnitude will make
any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that every document
that will bring about the success of this transaction will be provided by an
attorney here in London , and all will be well at the end of the day.

I decided to contact you due to the urgency of this transaction and want you
to stand as the next of Kin to funds #6,100 000 00 GBP (Six million, one
hundred thousand Great British pounds sterling). The deceased person who
died Neal Walker died in air crash along with his wife on the 31st October
1999 in an Egyptian airline 990 with other passengers on board was an
American Oil consultant/contractor with the Chinese Solid Minerals
Corporation. You can confirm his death from the website below which was
published by BBC WORLD

1. Full names and address,
2. Telephone and fax Number.
3. Occupation
4. A scan copy of your international passport or driver's license.

If this proposal is acceptable by you, please endeavor to contact me
immediately. Do not take undue advantage of the trust I have bestowed in
you, I await your urgent mail now to my private email ID

Best Regards,

Mr. William Parker.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mr.William Parker []
Sent: 25 July 2015 01:53
To: Recipients
Subject: FYI

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

NOT from Apple... FW: Declined payment with your account.

This is NOT from Apple, it is a phishing attempt ... DO NOT click on any of the links if you receive this....
Good day!

We have received a request from your AppleID for a subscription "Skype unlimited world calls plan" at AppStore on a PC or gadget that has not before been connected with that AppleID. This purchase was marked by our new automatic security service as a highly risky. In connection with this, we have set hold for 3 days for the activation request of the purchase. After this term, the required sum will be taken from your payment card and the abonnement will be put on.

If you have purchased this subscription, please accept our apologies for the annoyance and just skip this letter.

If this purchase was made by the third person and you want to unsubscribe, click the link under the sign up specifications in this email, and then change the password on your AppleID, possibly it was stolen.

Sign up information:

Subscription name:                Skype unlimited world phone plan
Application name:                          Skype
Company:                              Microsoft inc.
The time of subscription:     5 days
Price for the period:               23.99 EUR
Subscriber's IP address: (Tula, Russia)

Unsubscribe and Manage Subscriptions

We recall that your financial data is stored in safety on our servers and nobody can reach it. We will never ask you to give us your account details, financial reporting data and other private information by e-mail or phone.

Thank you for using our service.

Yours faithfully

The AppStore team.
Apple inc.

The terms of buying sign up you can find at the following link:
Terms and Conditions

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at the following link:

We hold in respect your private life, the information of your data use can be found here:
Privacy Policy


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Another type of scam.... FW: Voice message from 07773403290

The attachment is a phishing attempt, if you recieve a message like this,
DON'T open any attachments.

The attached message was recently left in your voicemail account. We are
sending you this email because you have asked for your messages to be
forwarded to this address.
The original message is still in your account.

-----Original Message-----
From: tel: 07773403290 []
Sent: 06 August 2015 08:42
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Voice message from 07773403290


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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

FAKE INVOICE SCAM - Invoice Batch for UCB01 from: Excel Manufacturing Ltd

They send you a fake invoice and your busy office just pays it, pure theft!
If you email back querying it they will try to steal your personal details


This comes with an attachment called - Excel Manufacturing Ltd Invoice
UCB01.docm -

-----Original Message-----

Please see our Invoice for your reference [Cust Ord No] attached.

Yours sincerely,

Excel Manufacturing Ltd
Unit 1 & 2 Fieldhouse Business Park,
Old Fieldhouse Lane,
West Yorkshire,

Tel: (01484) 452010
Fax: (01484) 452015

From: Joanne Durham []
Sent: 22 July 2015 09:41
To: *******************
Subject: Invoice Batch for UCB01 from: Excel Manufacturing Ltd

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IS a scam.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

This is a SCAM Please Share ... FW: Account Locked

Dear  (email removed) 

Your password was entered incorrectly more than 3 times.
Our security team had to suspend your accounts and all the funds inside.
Your account access and the hold on your funds will be released as soon as you verify your information.
You can release the hold on your account by visiting any of our branches or by following our activation link now:
We are sorry for this inconvenience but this is a security measure which we must apply to ensure your account safety.
If you have already confirmed your information then please disregard this message
Thanks for choosing NatWest
The NatWest Security Team

-----Original Message-----From: NatWest [] Sent: 20 May 2015 15:05To:  ******************Subject: Account Locked

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

NOT from iCloud - FW: Apple payment fraud alert

You may be asking 'How do you know it's a fake?' - Easy - I have never had an iCloud account, simple!
It's trying to use SCARE TACTICS - Don't fall for it!
Original email.......
Dear Apple customer

Your Apple profile recently made a fraudulent payment .
To reverse this change you must verify your account

Verify Now >  (Link removed) 

Why you received this email.
Apple request verification whenever a fraudulent payment has been made .

If you didn't make this change or if you believe an unauthorized person is
attempting to access your account, you can reset your password by going
to My Apple ID (Link removed) 

Apple Support

My Apple ID  (Link removed) | Support (Link removed) | Privacy Policy  (Link removed)  
Copyright 2015 Apple Sarl 80102, Rue Sainte Zithe, L-2696 Luxembourg Copyrighted.
-----Original Message-----
From: iCloud Org. []
Sent: 11 March 2015 18:05
 My Twitter account (address removed)
Subject: Apple payment fraud alert

Thursday, 12 February 2015

This is a mean scam... FW: Sad Trip.. Please Help !

I am in the UK... people in and from the UK don't call a mobile phone a 'cell', we call it a 'mobile'... that should ring alarm bells straight away!
The email header in this original email appears to be from an AOL account of a genuine contact however when replying we find that the reply is going to a gmail account but with the same user name. (for example... johnsmith at / johnsmith at Basically someone trying to fool you into parting with cash or personal information.
-----Original Message-----
I'm sorry you're getting the mail from me at this Point in time,my family and I came down here to Istanbul,Turkey for a short vacation unfortunately we were mugged at the park of the hotel we stayed,all cash credit cards and cell were stolen off  but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.

I have been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and our flight leaves pretty soon from now but we're having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we settle the bills.Please be so kind to reply back so I can tell you what to do and how to get some cash to us.

I'm freaked out at the moment


From: Leanne Lake [mailto:************]
12 February 2015 07:58
Subject: Sad Trip.. Please Help !


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