Friday, 21 September 2012

Lowlife email scammer..... FW: Dear Friend

Dear Friend, How are you? My full name is John England a USA Marine. I am the 2nd commandant for the 13th battalion Combined Joint Force 8 serving in Baghdad, Iraq. (USF-I), Division Peace keeping force in Baghdad, Iraq. This is my private email, i used it because of its security.i got your email through my database random search and i promise you that on one knows about this is just me and you I'm 48yrs, and I'm contacting you on behalf of my colleagues here in Baghdad, we are honestly seeking for your hands in this partnership to move this allocation valued {$22,500,000 and 4 gold bars} into your custody for safekeeping, i swear to the Almighty God in heaven that i am not trying to put you into any problem and not in anyway spying on you.This money was secretly secured in the war zone, if you check the news you will identify that this particular fund was not declared among the monies we found at the war zone. For more information view this site ddle_east/2988455.stm We are contacting you as an external body because of our status as American soldiers on war duty,I hope you understand. Our activities are highly limited based on the U.S military code of conduct.If you are seriously interested in this proposal, we have agreed to compensate you with 10% of the total $22.5Million for your partnership while you keep the balance 90% for us pending my arrival in your location any time as soon as, I'm out of duty post for leave.I only need your help to secure some of my stuffs and help me do some investment. I really hope i can confide in you and want to know if i can really trust you on this because this is a top secret. The reason i contacted you is because i know you can help me keep the Boxes safe till my duty here is over. You can tell me anything you want me to know about you. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day. Best Regards John England 
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