Thursday, 20 September 2012

Just revieved this from a facebook friend ... FW:Please reply for more details

This is what you get when you reply to a scam email:
Please reply for more details.
Good day to you and to your family.

Best Regards.
Barr.West Dapo.(Esq)

why me? there are plenty of people with the same last name scam someone else

Dear *************,

Thanks you for the interest shown in my proposal I understand your fears which i consider rationale.If I were to be in your position i would have entertained same fears and taken the necessary caution as you've done just receiving a mail like that from a stranger will need further clarifications but i'll try and clarify the points earlier enumerated in my frist mail.My late client Mr.Andrew W.Taiaroa, did not provide your name and particulars as his bonafide next of kin.What i'm proposing to you is that since you bear the same surname with my late client, We could have a deal as i am in position to present you to the bank as the the next of kin to the late Account holder and you will be readily accepted and paid the inheritance.
I can only tell you that it is destin that brough us together

Rightnow let me assure you fully that there is no criminality in the whole process because even the bank officials knows that I was personal attorney to the deceased and had at various times in the past represented by client in the bank in one two matters concerning his investment in the bank. For this reasons the issue of suspicision or doubt on whether or not you are the next of kin will not arise. 

Please send me your email address Or you can write to me through my private email address below for more information about this business.

Good day to you and to your family.
Best Regards.
Barr.West Dapo.(Esq)

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