Friday, 20 April 2012

Not very 'Diplomatic' FW: HELLO.


We are Diplomats that arrange for the safekeeping of special and valuable
packages and baggage in trust for reputable clients that are honest and
trustworthy. We work in collaboration with top firms and Governments of
various countries as we have earned a name as service provider whose
hallmarks in reliability and confidentiality are revered.

International missions, Fellow Diplomats and Embassies of the world have
used our services to satisfaction. A benefactor whose names are Engr
,Agreement that was signed with the said benefactor when the funds were
being deposited, made you the beneficiary of a package containing some
amount of money and stated clearly that you should only be contacted when
the time signed for it to be in our care elapses, and the time has already
elapsed that is why you are being contacted.

The funds totals $5.5M (Five Million, five Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars) and
we confirm that these funds are fully free of any liens, or encumbrances and
are clean, clear and of non-criminal origin and are available. The fund has
been approved for transfer by our bank and is loaded in an ATM Premium Card.
If you are interested and want to receive the fund, get back to us with an
address where you may want the fund ATM Card sent to.

My client who is an Engr . work with shell Oil and Gas company here in
London UK ,died as result of the Hurricane Katrina disaster of August,

Congratulations in advance.

Dr. Fred Good, (Head,Operations)
For Hallmark Security And Finance
Phone: +447045726061
London UK

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