Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Not from the UN I'm sure ... FW: Attention Beneficiary,

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From: United Nations Compensation Unit [mailto:daniel@successug.com.tw]
Sent: 25 April 2012 02:48
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Subject: Attention Beneficiary,

United Nations Compensation Unit
In affiliation with World Bank
From: Special Envoy to
Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon
Attention: Sir/Madam,
On behalf of THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION, I Mrs. Sarah Smith wishes to pass this message across to you.
The United Nations in Affiliation with World Bank have agreed to compensate all scammed victims from all part of the world with the average sum of USD$5 Million for self support irrespective of the amount lost in the act. This is regarding the draws organized lately to help individuals whom lost their earnings in this act and to build organizations so as to help the less privileged in the society.
This compensation exercise is also extended to victims of Hurricane, earthquake, War displaced and the aged. Anyone who is a victim of the above mentioned is entitled to benefit from this compensation exercise. According to our records 84 beneficiaries have been paid, half of the victims are from the United States. We still have 16 beneficiaries/victims left to be paid their compensations of $5 Million each.
You are therefore advised to contact Mr. Jonathan Roy (Lawyer) our co coordinator/payment officer in the United Kingdom, via e-mail address and telephone contact below:
Jonathan Roy (Lawyer)
Email: legalmatters01@yahoo.com.hk
Phone: +44 702 4072729
You are further advised to send the following details to him through his above email: full Names... telephone number.... Postal Address...Scanned copy of your international passport, driver's license or any form of identification for our perusal, records update and reference. I apologize on behalf of the organization for any delay you might have encountered in receiving your fund in the past.
Hope to hear from you, as soon as you get in contact with Mr. Jonathan Roy and successfully receive your compensation fund. Making the world a better place! Signed and endorsed.
Yours truly,
Sarah Smith (Announcer)
Office of Secretary- General, Ban Ki-Moon.
United Nations. Organisation.

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