Thursday, 26 April 2012

More rubbish spam ... FW: BUSINESS PROPOSAL

My name is Dr. Ibrahim Idris,a solicitor in a firm of attorneys. I was discreetly selected by a group of some retired and serving Generals.  I was directed by these officers to find a trustworthy person whom they can trust. The generals who hold sensitive positions were members of the Ecowas/United Nations military contingents deployed to Sierra Leone for peace keeping some year back. Upon restoring peace in the country, the contingents were disbanded and all the military personnel were sent back to their respective countries. However, when this was done close to ten years ago, part of the funds budgeted for the mission, was not returned and it is still in a bank account floating. Some of these generals were in charge of the accounts department and they have been monitoring this fund and since no one has an idea of its existence, they therefore, wish to process it and have it transferred into an account that will be provided by someone who can be trusted. It is part of this f
Because of the nature of this transaction, identities of these generals, some of whom are still in service, shall be kept secret for now and be informed that all the processes leading to the successful completion of this transaction shall be legally followed to protect everyone involved.
Upon the successful completion of this mutually benefiting and risk free transaction and subsequent transfer of the fund into any safe account nominated by you, 25% of the total sum, shall be for you while 65% shall be for us and 10% shall be set aside to offset any expenses incurred by all parties in the course of processing the fund.
Further details shall be made available upon the receipt of your response indicating your willingness to be part of it.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Ibrahim Idris. 
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