Monday, 11 June 2012

Postal Scam - BEWARE

Recieved this is the post this morning, see attached image for original scanned document

Tele #:00 60166779347

Fax#: 00 60321784196


Date: 04/06/2012

Dear Strickland,

My name is Mr. Tan Beng Hong I work as a senior investment consultant for the Alliance Bank of Malaysia (Capital Investment) Ltd here in Malaysia. I also work as part of the regional team that covers the entire Asian region. I had taken pains to find your contact through personal endeavours hence I asked a friend coming to The UK to post this letter on my behalf.

Approximately five years ago, an investor ( William Hayes Strickland Deceased nine months ago) invested a total of US$22.5M (Twenty Two Million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars) with my department. With interest at today’s value, the said invested fund is now worth a little under US$30M (Twenty Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty Five Thousand United States Dollars).

Late William Hayes Strickland Attorney/Lawyer notified my department of the sudden death (Car Accident) of Mr. William Hayes Strickland He (the attorney) also expresses concern that William had died without a will and he has no details of any surviving relatives. The lawyer has now requested my department to check our records to clarify who Late William may have named as his next of Kin on the investment application. Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, the person named as next of kin, was his girl friend who also died in the car accident. I have not yet notified the lawyer that the next of Kin was the girl friend. I have a limited time to do so.

Should I notify the lawyer of my findings, automatically, the invested funds will be confiscated by the Malaysian Government. This I do not mind, my concerns and worries is that the funds once released from our bank, it will be diverted else where by senior Malaysian government functionaries for their personal gains. On the basis of my worries, my immediate boss and I decided to act fast by contacting and inviting you to work with us posing as a relative of the deceased, since you share same last name as the late investor. With our insider’s privileged information, the funds can be paid to you as the only surviving relative. We have all the information and guidance to enable you and we realize this opportunity. We have evaluated the risk elements and we are convinced that the risk element is ZERO, as long you maintain 100% confidentiality.

As you should understand, I am taking a great risk contacting you and making this proposal. Therefore, you should understand why I must say no more about this transaction until I receive a call, email or fax from you confirming receipt of this letter. Once secured communication has been established between you and us, detailed clarifications will be dealt with, such as what each party stand to benefit and time scale and procedures. Time is not in our favor. Please establish secured communication with me through any of the above means.

Thank You.

Mr. Tan Beng Hong



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