Thursday, 22 September 2011

Latest Scam eMail? Your Response


On behalf of the Ministry of Finance and other private sectors, this
Correspondence is unofficial and private which needs to be treated with all
seriousness it deserves. I am Mr. Michael Campton representing the federal
government Foreign Debts Reconciliation Dept, controling the affairs of all
banks and financial institutions concerned with foreign claim payments.

However, after too many complains on our desk from diffrent firms and
delivery companies concerning the inability to release funds and gratuity
due to the fact that Beneficiaries are not meeting up with their demands, I
am pleased to inform you the compensation exercise for transparency and most
especially to avoid reoccurrence of delay and High cost of procuring
transfer documents are Demoralized. This is in accordance with section
13(1)(n) of the international gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on
3RD july 1996 by the constitutional assembly.

In other words, We have series of Bank Drafts and ATM Cards sealed up in our
custody, and also List of payment reports/expenditures and audited reports
of revenues. In addition, for the purpose of clear Verification on the
approved Paper works, you need to re-confirm your below personal Details
inorder to avoid Misappropriation of fund.

Full Name..
Phone Number...
Marital Status...

NOTE: Furthermore, all funds in question needs the service of an accredited
attorney, who will handle all the legal documentations and lay claims
through his legal authority on your behalf. And failure to act as
instructed will lead to recommending the transfer of this surplus funds to
the Federal Government Treasury and Reserve Accounts as unclaimed deposits.

Terms and condition Applied.

Best Regards,
Michael Campton

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From: Michael Campton []
Sent: 22 September 2011 01:43
Subject: Your Response

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