Monday, 9 May 2011

Latest Scam eMail? REPLY

You do not know me and neither do I know you. I am not desperate nor in need ofhelp.I only want to be sure you are the kind of person I can trust with the following proposal.

I have been very careful in my selection and have taken pains to ensure I will be dealing with a person that has the intelligence to understand what I am getting myself into. From the little I have been able to deduce, I cannot make you agree to partner with me on this but I can assume that when you are in, I can trust you completely.

I am a UK based lawyer  and I am bringing everything I have to the table; my reputation and all I have labored for my whole life.The least I ask of you, is for you, after hearing the proposal to honestly tell me if you are up for it or not, without acting maliciously. That way, I get to loose nothing and can walk away with my proposal and reputation intact without actually divulging full details.

I bear the full brunt of any risk involved in this business which I cannot do alone and you can be rest assured that you will be duly compensated financially for your involvement. The thing is, anyone can serve but I chose you. I pray you don't let me down. The fact of the proposal involves access to millions of Tax-Free United States Dollars. It is up to you to accept or decline. I am waiting to hear from you. Time is of the essence.Kindly contact me  for further 
details on

Yours faithfully,

Hill Colin Neil Esq

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