Friday, 25 March 2011

Latest Scam eMail? FW: Please pardon the urgency of this letter.

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From: Attorney Al-Fuad Mumak []
Sent: 24 March 2011 04:57
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Please pardon the urgency of this letter.

Please pardon the urgency of this letter.

I am Attorney Al-Fuad Mumak, personal attorney to Alsail Gaddafi. The
essence this letter is basically to solicit your assistance in reprofiling
the funds in tune of $23.6Million belonging to Alsail which was deposited
with a security Vault in Europe. This fund was deposited in 2002 but due to
the present heat on the family and country at large and owing to the series
of confiscations being placed the family possession, I decided to solicit
your partnership in reprofiling these funds from the security company into
your personal account.

Bear in mind that the fund was not lodged in his name with the security
company hence securing a change of beneficiary will be done with ease. I
want us to execute this course mutually because I intend leaving the country
as earliest as possible immediately you succeed retreiving the funds into
your personal account. The funds here will be disbursed 50/50 between you
and I; because obviously he has no trace of it. Please get back to me
urgently to enable the commencement of this course which will not exceed
4-5days for smooth accomplishment.

Kind Regards,
Attorney Mumak

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