Thursday, 4 September 2014

NOT from Apple - Unauthorised Appstore Purchase

This looks like a genuine Apple security warning however it will take you to a phishing site if you click on the link.
Only log into your online accounts by typing their address yourself, never click on links in emails, a good 'fake' is getting harder to spot as the phishers get better at copying official pages and emails.

Good day,

Your AppleID was recently used to purchase "Lane Splitter" from the iTunes Store on a Personal Computer or device that had not earlier been connected with your AppleID.

This action was observed from the following IP: (Volgograd, Russia).

If you are the one who made this operation, you can disregard this warning. It was sent to you only to alert you if you did not make the operation by yourself.

If you did not make this action, we recommend that you urgently verify your AppleID: 
In any case, your financial details are in safe on Apple security servers. Remember, that Apple will never send you a request to give your financial information by e-mail or via telephone.

Best regards,
Apple Inc.

-----Original Message-----From: AppStore Notifications [] Sent: 04 September 2014 19:45To: *****************Subject: Unauthorised Appstore Purchase

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