Thursday, 20 June 2013

This is a Phishing scam - FW: Barclays - Security Issue.

This email came with an attached web page called 'Barclays - Login Form.htm' and is an attempt at getting you to set up PINsentry and pass all your personal details over at the same time. IT IS NOT FROM BARCLAYS!!

DO NOT ever click links in your email that ask you to go to your bank / building society / paypal account. ALWAYS type the address to your Bank into your browser yourself to be sure you are in a genuine page and ALWAYS connect through a secure connection (

The Scam...........

Dear Barclays Account Holder,

We detected irregular activity on your Barclays
online banking account.

For your protection, you must verify this
activity before you can continue using your

Please download the document attached to this
email to review your account activity.

We will review the activity on your account
with you and upon verification,

we will remove any restrictions placed on
your account.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice
but to temporary suspend your account.

Thank You.
Barclays Bank Online Security Department.

© Copyright 2013 Barclays Bank PLC. All rights reserved.

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From: Barclays Bank. PLC 2013 []
Sent: 19 June 2013 08:09
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Barclays - Security Issue.


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