Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cheap shot!! FW: *********** UFI ORG UK - CHARITY PROJECT OF 3,500,000 GBP ***************

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Universal Fund Investigation Unit is an international independent fund management outfit recognized by the World bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to resolve major financial obligations of nations who have subscribed to it's Multilateral Agreement Bond (MAB) and to suggest how best dormant funds could be utilized in each particular year.

In the course of our duty, we have found large sums of unclaimed  dividends amounting to several millions of dollars in various countries of the  world.

Our effort to locate the investors of these unclaimed equity and dividends have proved abortive, largely due to the fact that most of the investors had died not knowing the worth of their investments and not mentioning them to their folks.

We therefore suggested and received the approval of the World bank to invest these funds in categorized countries for charity.

To achieve this, we sought the assistance of internet marketing firms who advertised and obtained for us email subscriptions of individuals who  would like to benefit from this charity disbursement for the purpose of  setting up charitable organizations.

These email addresses were used for our recent draw which is our 4th draw since the year 2008.

For us to pay you this money,we must be able to certify the following;

1.That you are honest,responsible and dedicated.

2.That you do not have any history of crime.

3. That you have human sympathy and willing to touch lives

Note that we do not monitor the operations of successful allotter's in  the discharge of their  charity works as we have so many of these organizations in various countries of this world.

You must therefore see this as a  solemn call to serve humanity and in particular the less privileged citizens
of your country.

Your allotment of Ј3,500,000.00 GBP  is payable to you either through cashier's cheque or through International swift transfer.

For further inquiries, get back to us through this email (

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Dorothy Coolidge

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