Wednesday, 5 December 2012

This one is SCARY DANGEROUS.... FW: UK Payments transaction problems

The link in this email originally pointed to a fake .pdf document called 'report.pdf' but will actually download a file to your computer that is an EXECUTABLE file called 'report.pdf.exe'    This file contains the Virus - 'Trojan horse PSW.Generic10.AQYW' (Detected by AVG)
Do NOT click the link ..... if you do accidentally click and end up with a file called report.pdf.exe DO NOT TRY TO OPEN IT . If you have a decent antivirus program that is up to date, it will not let you click anyway.

Transfer id: 702301

Reason for rejection: View details in the report below

Transfer report: Link was here an looked like this: http : // www . ukpayments . org . uk / AHQsrNo / report _ pdf . php 

(Author's Note: DO NOT try to reassemble this IT IS DANGEROUS)

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