Tuesday, 6 March 2012

You are in my prayers, I pray you get caught!! FW: Have me in your Prayers.

I am Mrs Christiana Morgan, From Cherry Hill New Jersey, im 51 yrs ,Im a
Great Philantropist, a Oil Rig Engineer I have worked with Kuwait Oil
Company for decades with my Late Husband,i am writing these message to you
and i feel the Spirit of Thy Lord had told me to open a Memorial Charity
Foundation so i could be remember after i left the world to rest in the arm
of the Lord.

Have been hospitalized since two months now, i am diagnosed with Breast
Cancer which had defiled all forms, Im presently in St Mary Hospital in
Barcelona Spain.

Im really in the hardest period of my life and i give priase to God for a
life well spent and according to latest medical report announced to me a
couple of days ago by the medical surgeons and i feel i should create a
legacy so i could be remember even after i die.

I am willing to use my money to set up a Charity Foundation for the poor and
less priiledge in the society,I humble believe that through these i would be
remember and prayers would be pour upon me even after i die.

I Lost my Husband Mr Jefferson in 2006 i wish he was still alive to console
me at these present moment, I am writing you based on my latest medical
report which the surgeons inform me that i have few days to live on earth
and i feel so sad to live the world right now but i have no option as i
believe that it had been destined by God,

I want to set up a Cancer Charity Foundation which would be in Memory of me
so i could be remember after i passed away and i am willing to donate my
Fund presently in European Development Bank in Paris France , the sum of
$7.3 Million .I have concluded my plans to choose you as the Director to
coordinate the Affairs of these Charity Foundation because i am under
intensive care unit and i saw your email from my list so i decided to choose

I should have choose my Nephew but she will not use the money for the
Charity Foundation and i did not informed her and even the Fund is not
included in my WILL , I have inform the Director of Operation in European
Development and i would give you the details so the Charity Fund can be
transfer to you before i passed away and i would be glad to see you at the
hospital so i can give you my blessings and my large photo will be placed on
the Memorial Charity Foundation.

I hope i can confide my trust in you and you will not betray me,i want
these fund to be used to touch the life of poor and disable in the society.

I Would like you to reply me on my personal email address for more detail:

Have me in your Prayers.

Mrs Christiana Morgan

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From: Mrs Christiana Morgan [mailto:postmaster@herfon.com.tw]
Sent: 05 March 2012 20:43
Subject: Have me in your Prayers.

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